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Volunteers-2018-2019. There is a spot for all who want to help!

If you love music, love to get out and dance! and want to help out.Sign up here we would love to have you participate...there is something to do for all.A Volunteer Committee is forming now for events at the club. This is a great way to be of service, with your skills and time, earned a membership and to help us plan/execute future events. If you'd like be in on this, send an e-mail to [email protected]


The449Club is pleased to announce its application to the IRS was approved on August 11, 2014 for 501 C-3 Non-Profit Tax Exempt Status…It has been a very long and arduous process, however, perseverance, consistency, and the help from a number of people have finally paid off and the results were well worth the effort.

The449Club welcomes the Alcohol-Free Community and to all folks who want to have an awesome fun-time experience- listening/dancing to Top-40 music of today and some of your favorite “Old School Mixes”, Karaoke Nights,, Live Bands and other Social activities all, in a clean, safe, friendly alcohol-free environment. The449Club has a chef’s kitchen where good wholesome food and fruit/vegetable smoothie’s drinks, coffee, teas, and snacks will be available.

12-Steps meetings space available and a kids/toddler room with games and movies for children. In accordance with the  Guidelines on Clubs published by AA World Services, 12 steps groups are not affiliated with The449Club.except as tenants.

These events and activities will not be possible without the many hours donated by volunteers. If you want to volunteer or be a Volunteer Coordinator where you can spare just a couple of hours or want to work more hours for discounted memberships, 449 t-shirts and hats, food, beverages and cover charges or free admissions to events. We would be grateful for your help. We need Coordinators for:

· Coordinators for Dance floor set-up and tear down

· Coordinators Decorations and Club Ambiance

· Coordinator for Tickets, prizes and Door Monitors

· Computer Data Coordinator

· Coordinator for Memberships, Email, Contacts

· Coordinator for DJ and Karaoke and musical events

· Coordinator for PR, Media,, Flyers,

If you are interested in volunteering or want more information please, contact

Coyle Jefferson II at (425) 343-3232.

Together we are creating a community where everyone can thrive

Sign Up for Volunteers:

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The449Club. We want to match your interest and skills with our needs. Please give us some brief information about yourself and give us an idea of what, where, when you can help us.

Best way to do this is to leave your information at The449Club e-mail or call us: