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 The449Club wants to make a difference a difference

Recently The449Club was presented an opportunity to "Adopt a Family for the Holidays" and to help "Bring the Joy of the Season to Children in Need" The449Club is an IRS approved 501 (3) (C) Non-Profit Organization.

The449Club has made a commitment and pledge to host our first (1st) annual Adopt-A-Family Program and this holiday year we are proud and honored to host the Olesen-Schorr Family of four (4). 

The family's head of household is Jennifer a single mother Part-Time hard working parent; the children are Madison (11), Levi (10) and Mykel (8). These kids arevery open and kind-hearted kids who even though their

financial situation is challenging ask their mom Jennifer if they could donate their allowance and volunteer for the Families of the OSLO slide victims.

 The449Club is asking donors to help make the season's holidays a little better for children of this family:

How Can I Help?

We are a community based organization located in Everett, WA and provide a venue for today's top-40 and "Old School" favorites, for folks who want to hang out dance meet other like minded people enjoy themselves in a high energy fun-filled ambiance without the booze. We also have a Kids night out events were kids of all ages can come and do their kids thing with games, music, plays, contest, DJ for a night.

The449Club music/dance and social events are in a alcohol-free environment. The449Club also reserve meeting space and welcomes all 12-step meeting programs of all ethnic diverse and culture genres.