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The 449 Mission Statement:

To provide a alcohol-free music/dance and social club where folks can come to dance, socialize, relax, unwind in a alcohol-free atmosphere and listen to music from all genres and time including classical, jazz, blues, country, rock, house/electronic with live bands and DJ featuring music of today and yesterday with a special emphasis on "Old School R&B".

The 449 Club will be a friendly, clean, safe, fun-filled high energy atmosphere facility to ignite, excite and inspire you to get up on the dance floor. "No Parking on the Dance Floor." We will provide and foster a community based facility where individuals or groups of the arts/crafts can come and share their unique skills and talents in a creative setting.

The 449 Club will also provide a safe and dependable clubhouse space where people may hold meetings in accordance with all of the 12-steps programs.